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GENIE TAYLOR EBERTZ, is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moved to the USA in 1990. She found her passion for 3D art, sculpting and mixed media and has had her studio open to the public since 2008. Visitors are welcomed, but please call before hand.


Caminito is a small road in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Caminito also means small road, path or narrow road. The area is characterized by its low houses of channeled metal or wood painted in bright colors. They were first built by mostly Italian immigrant men.
Even to this day some of these old buildings (conventillos) remain standing, and they are truly what makes La Boca and Caminito unique.
The sharp colors of the houses in La Boca were the result of high paint prices and low income workers. The people that worked in the harbor would take home the leftovers from their jobs and use every last drop. This gave Caminito a special character. (The area is also known as the birth place for the Tango, which was originally danced between men because there were very few women). Artist Benito Quinquela Martin made this area famous by his paintings. In the past few decades, many artists followed Quinquela’s footsteps and made Caminito their home. Today it is a must stop for visitors to enjoy the colorful neighborhood, great food, great wine, great local art and of course, lots of tango!
Our studio was painted with the same concept: we used left-over paint and used every drop of it. It was hard to plan since we didn’t know how much we would be able to cover in each wall… which gave the studio a unique flavor. Hope you visit soon!