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A new year a new me… What was your resolution this year? How many times have we made resolutions that we actually kept? Instead of a resolution, I decided for 2015 that I will work on aspects of my life that I can actually improve. Forget the diets!!! I decided I was going to focus more on my actions and reactions instead of how many pounds I wont lose… But wanted something that will be one word. Easy to remember.
So I picked Patience. Patience is a virtue, they say. If you work with clay, you know that patience can be difficult at times. But very necessary. It takes lots of effort to be patient, especially if you are under deadlines. Just when you are most pressed is when the kiln gods have something different in mind… We learn to roll, and to be extra careful next time. Until we get cocky again. But Patience has great rewards. Every time I open a kiln with excitement and love what I see, I call it a great reward, it paid off to be patient. But many times I rush to get something done, and boom! My heart sinks every time I hear that awful sound i the kiln that I can’t even check until the next day. But beyond my work, I am working on Patience with my life. Patience at home (ver difficult), Patience when I drive… Patience with others. So if Patience has great rewards, I will like to see what this year has for me. Bring it on!
Peace and Patience!

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